What about shooting?

People should enjoy life. The time people spend on Earth should not be boring, it should not just be full of unpleasant duties. So people usually find an activity that they really enjoy, and if they can, they do it in their spare time.

However, while sometimes such a hobby is not a problem, sometimes it is not easy at all. Imagine, for example, someone who is impressed by shooting.

You could say that someone who likes to shoot should have such an opportunity as well. He should have a weapon at his disposal and he should be able to shoot it safely somewhere.

puška s dalekohledem

But we never know what\’s going on in people\’s minds, how they think. And because shooting is a dangerous act, it is not possible to give a firearm to someone who, for example, negligently and even intentionally uses it against other people who injures or even kills someone with such a weapon.

And that\’s why only people who can be trusted can have a real firearm. Those who receive a firearms license after the examination, or those who pursue professions in which it is not possible without similar weapons.

But what about the others? Why ban shooting at decent people just because they don\’t want to get a gun license and buy their own gun for a few big money shots? Why make it impossible for those who do not want to join the army to shoot?

žena se zbraní

That would not be fair. That is why there is a shooting range Praha available for those who would like to shoot only occasionally without related duties. Anyone who wants to try shooting with really good weapons can come here, anyone can enjoy it here. With the equipment they make available here, with the help of a Czech and English speaking instructor.

And so even those who like shooting the most can have fun with us. And nothing will happen to anyone. Because shooting under professional supervision and only into the target can\’t bother anyone normal at all.